Brigitte Kloareg

Brigitte Kloareg is a traditional singer from Brittany who spent twenty years in the British Isles.

A fluent Welsh-speaker, she has sung with various Welsh bands at the fore-front of the traditional music revival in Wales.

She moved back to Brittany in 1999 and is very active on the music scene both as a performer (concerts, poetic recitals, dances, singing sessions…) and as a voice and dance teacher in music schools as well as at the University of Western Brittany where she teaches Welsh as well as courses on oral traditions in the English language.

She is a versatile performer working solo or in small line-ups (including her two daughters) and/or musicians (harp, flutes, melodeon, accordion, bandoneon, percussions, fiddle…). She sets contemporary poetry to her own music and gives poetic recitals. She performs in Breton, French, Welsh, English and Creole. One of her most recent venture has been to adapt stories from the Kalevala into tales in the French language. She has also started adapting them into Breton.

She is very involved in promoting the oral heritage of the south-west of Brittany by collecting songs and music, organizing events and producing CDs showcasing traditional songs in the Breton langage while remaining open to the outside world and its influences. She has a repertoire of ballads from the English, Irish, Scottish, Breton and French traditions.