Susanne Rosenberg

Susanne Rosenberg will in this ballad course teach the old ballads with its narratives in verses and refrains, but as well work with how to create new ones from the framework of the Swedish medieval ballad using modells from the concept “Folk Song Lab”.  The participants will be able to, with methods in a playful and reorienting way, improvises in both words and music, and hopefully some new ballads will see the light of day!

Susanne Rosenberg is one of Sweden’s foremost folk singers today, exhibiting a wide range of vocal expressions, from her focus at folk singing techniques, such as kulning, extending to baroque, jazz and contemporary art music. Susanne Rosenberg has been a pioneer in both rediscovering the older Swedish style of traditional singing, as well as using it in new artistic environments, involving cooperation with Sweden’s foremost contemporary composers e.g. Karin Rehnqvist and directors e.g. Peter Oskarsson and Philip Zandén. She has started some of Swedens more famous folk music groups, such as Rosenbergs Sjua and Rotvälta, has toured Europe, Asia and US several times. She has been a soloist i Ryuichi Sakamotos Opera L I F E in Japan during 1999 and is represented on a number of records since the early eighties until today.  She received the prestigious Kristallpriset of year 2000 for her work in Swedish music life and in 2001 she participated in Sonic Convergence together with among others Quincy Jones and Clark Terry. She is Professor of folk singing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) where she since 2005 also is head of Department of Folk Music. In 2006 she started her artistic doctoral studies – Kurbits – ReBoot, Swedish traditional singing in new artistic context (2006-2013) – which has lead to e.g. the much-acclaimed soloperformance/solo CD ReBoot/OmStart (2008), performance and CD Getens horn (2012), solo-performance Voice Space(2013) and the elaborate research project Folk Song Lab (2014-). In 2011 Susanne received the prize Årets Traditionsbärare at the Folk- och Världsmusikgalan. Since 2016 she is a member of the Royal Academy of Music.