Eva Alkula & Tomoya Nakai

Wednesday 26th June 2019 04:00 pm | Tuupala School
16 € / 12 €

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Kantele of Finland meets Koto of Japan. These two stringed instruments join together for an electric and acoustic collaboration.

The instrument that EVA performs with is a “electric kantele”, an electrically amplified version of the traditional multi-stringed instrument “kantele” from Finland.

The instrument that TOMOYA performs with is a “25-string koto”, a 25 stringed version of the traditional Japanese stringed instrument “koto”.

Eva and Tomoya create innovate music while maintaining tradition elements. The two also establish cultural exchange between Finland and Japan by performing music with themes influenced by ancient stories and traditional music from each other’s countries.


  • Eva Alkula
  • Tomoya Nakai