Photo: Sara Berglund

Katarina Barruk & Orchestra

Wednesday 28th June 2023 07:00 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Lentua Hall

Ume Sámi singer-songwriter Katarina Barruk is one of the most intriguing creators of modern Sámi music today. Katarina Barruk's clear voice, powerful joik, and expressive improvisation blend with modern pop-rock in an intense show.

22 € / 18 €

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Katarina Barruk is the world’s only performing and recording artist in Ume Sámi. Ume Sámi is a Sámi language listed as critically endangered by UNESCO, with only a few dozen speakers remaining. By creating music in Ume Sámi, Katarina Barruk invites the audience into her own world and creates a space to breathe and reflect on the interaction between nature and music.

Katarina Barruk’s second solo album, Ruhttuo, was released in October 2022, and she is joined on stage by a band of Norwegian musicians. Since 2015, when her debut album Báruos was released, Katarina Barruk has been actively performing on festival stages in Sweden and Norway.

Katarina Barruk – vocals
Arnljot Nordvik – guitar
Christer Jørgensen – drums
Patrick Jaklin – bass/keys