Kusinerna Riippa

Wednesday 29th June 2022 04:00 pm | Juminkeko

Cousins Niko and Jessica Riippa are Finnish-Swedish duo whose roots are in the village of Alaveteli in the west coast of Finland.

12 € / 8 €

Cousins Jessica and Niko Riippa create Finnish songs that paint a picture of summer nights of northern Finland filled with light as well as filled with power and shine of bright stars in the mid-winter night sky. In their concert cousins perform music from their critically acclaimed debut album Vedil (2020) as well as songs and tunes from their upcoming album which is written and composed cousins themselves.

Vedil includes arrangements and compositions from Swedish tunes and poetry which describe power of the nature and love towards home while the inspiration of the new upcoming album comes from myths and stories of Nordic folklore. Music of the cousins Niko and Jessica has gained a lot of visibility in both in Finland and Internationally.

Jessica has accomplished degrees from both music and drama and Niko is the founding member and guitarist of “Wentus blues band”, who has played with many blues legends like Eddie Kirk and Louisiana Red. Both of which were added to blues Hall of Fame last year. Jessica is also a founding member of La Riippa Group and artistic director.