Oi Dai | Värttinä & Sari Kaasinen

Wednesday 29th June 2022 07:00 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Kuhmo Arts Centre
Return of the the legendary music group. Oi Dai hit album by Värttinä turned 30 years and has sold gold and platinum. Now it’s time to celebrate and celebration tour.
22 € / 18 €

There’s a feeling of nostalgy in the air as Sari Kaasinen, founding and original member of Värttinä, joins to singer trio of Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho and Karoliina Kantelinen. And those floral dresses, they are also dug out of naphthalene.

In honor of the anniversary the most well-known folk music group of Finland decided to try out if Ukko Lumi would play as fast tempo or how would songs like Marilaulu or Vot Vot ja niin niin do. And well, they’re running smoothly, in much better and updated versions. Even Sari’s two row accordion sounds just like in the 90’s.

Värttinä, the most well-known folk music group of Finland, was founded in Rääkkylä, Northern Karelia back in 1983. Group was founded by Sari and Mari Kaasinen together with their mother Pirkko Kaasinen.

Musical roots of Värttinä are in Karelian and Finno-Ugric traditions, in Kalevala and Kanteletar. The band’s sound was born around a strong and energetic polyphonic singing style, to which, in addition to the kantele and other folk instruments, the most modern instruments and a touch of rock brought their own flavor. Värttinä’s live performances are emotional hurricanes – a root treatment that leaves no one cold.