Seminar: cultural tourism in Eastern Finland

Wednesday 29th June 2022 12:00 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Pajakka Hall
Singing Heritage Route, culture cities and other ideas Featuring Sari Kaasinen and other beginners etc.
Free entry

Runo Song Academy and Sommelo are central to the development of a new European cultural route called the Singing Heritage Route. Route doesn’t have an official Finnish name but we can talk about route featuring singing traditions from different countries.

The new route related to the Council of Europe program runs from Lithuania via Latvia and Estonia to Finland, and specifically through the eastern parts of these countries. These areas have valuable singing traditions, e.g. lepinguinés in Lithuania, Latvian forms of traditional song singing, the Leelo tradition of the Setu and the common singing traditions shared by Finns and Estonians.

The route of singing traditions also highlights contemporary singing events, especially the thriving song festivals in the Baltic region, and also festival activities. In addition to the main theme, ie singing traditions, the cultural route includes several complementary themes in the area affected by the route, such as nature sites, museums, war memorials and monuments and sites of Eastern and Western religiosity.