Friday 30th June 2023 07:00 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Lentua Hall
22 € / 18 €

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Suõmmkar combines traditional Skolt Saami music with modern World Music. Leadvocalists are Anna Lumikivi and Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff, who present a modern view to traditional Skolt Saami music. Musicans are Marko Jouste (mandolin, guitar), Pessi Jouste (violin), Uula Jouste (bass) ja Elias Nieminen (drums and percussion).

The group released its debut album “Suõmmkar” in 2018. It contains both original compositions and traditional melodies, found from the historical archive collections. It reflects the way how Skolt Saami language and culture has been able to maintain through centuries and many hard historical periods.

The second album “Peäccam da Paččjokk” will be released during 2023. The theme of the album is the Skolt Saami local traditions of Peäccam and Paččjokk -regions. These are localities from where Anna Lumikivi’s and Hanna- Maaria Kiprianoff’s families are originated. After the Second World War these areas were ceded to Russia and the Finnish Skolt Saamis were forced to emigrate to Finland.