Monday 26th June 2023

10:00 am | Kuhmo Market

Opening ceremony

In the traditional manner, the opening of Sommelo features several folk music bands.

Free entry

Näppärikurssilaisia Sommelon avajaisissa Kuhmon torilla (c) Juha Olkkonen / Sommelo
05:30 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre

Art Exhibition Opening

A composition consisting of sculptures by Jaana Bombin, paintings by Minna Seilonen, miniature sculptures and paintings by Sirpa Mänty, and texts written and compiled by Olga Karlova

Free entry

Tuesday 27th June 2023

09:00 am | Kuhmo Market

Coffee at the Market

SIAUDELA - The folk ensemble of the Biržai Cultural Center

Free entry

07:00 pm | Juminkeko


Solju is a musical ensemble that bridges the gap between traditional and modern Sámi culture, featuring the collaborative talents of mother Ulla Pirttijärvi and daughter Hildá Länsman. Their music not only creates a dialogue between these two aspects but also establishes connections with experimental pop music from Europe.

22 € / 18 €

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Wednesday 28th June 2023

07:00 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Lentua Hall

Katarina Barruk & Orchestra

Ume Sámi singer-songwriter Katarina Barruk is one of the most intriguing creators of modern Sámi music today. Katarina Barruk's clear voice, powerful joik, and expressive improvisation blend with modern pop-rock in an intense show.

22 € / 18 €

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Thursday 29th June 2023

09:00 pm | Hotel Kalevala

Grand Evening Celebration

Come and celebrate the Year of the Finno-Ugric Cultural Capital with an unforgettable evening of music and dance!

20 € / 16 €

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Friday 30th June 2023

05:30 pm | Kuhmo Arts Centre, Pajakka Hall

Timoi Munne: Unis da Mierol

"Unis da mierol" (In Dreams and Foreign Lands) is a Karelian-language theater monologue. It tells the coming-of-age story of Santeri, a boy born in Hyrsylänmutka in Finnish Karelia, as he navigates the shadows of war and transitions into adulthood.

12 € / 8 €

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Saturday 1st July 2023

Sunday 2nd July 2023