Festival Artist Anu Välitalo’s Visual Arts Workshop

Wednesday 26th June 2024 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm | Juminkeko
Free entry

Anu Välitalo is hosting an open art workshop at Juminkeo for everyone. To warm up, we’ll engage in somatic drawing and painting exercises to the rhythm of music. Using stencils and pyrography, we’ll draw and paint various entities from folk traditions and plants on wood (e.g., plywood). Participants’ beings and plants will come together to create a large living landscape, which will be documented. Participants can collect their own pieces after the second day of the workshop or leave them in storage for the Sommelo end-of-exhibition in 2026.

Anu Välitalo, known for her exhibition ‘The Birth of Worlds’ at Juminkeo, is a visual artist. Välitalo draws, prepares drawing surfaces from wood, creates music animations, wall paintings, and illustrations. She works in both fine arts and visual design and teaches them at universities. She also enjoys playing music in a wind orchestra and doesn’t miss the chance to combine the arts of music and visuals

Supported by Kalevalaseura-säätiö.