The Tour of Ontrei Malinen’s Kantele

Take The Tour of Ontrei Malinen’s Kantele…

…and take part in Sommelo concerts at Uhtua. Guided bus tour through Kostamus and Vuokkiniemi to Uhtua offers a thrilling concert ride in Viena Karelia.


Saturday 5th of July Kuhmo – Kostamus – Vuokkiniemi – Uhtua. Guided cultural path and Sommelo concert at Uhtua.

Sunday 6th of July Concert at Uhtua or Kepa, Resounding Village event in Haikola.

Price of the the tour approx. 350€ / person. The price includes accomodation at family homes or hotels, breakfast, lunch or dinner, tour leader’s services and group visa. For an additional price concert tickets at Uhtua and Haikola, 35€ total.

Reservations before 31st of May.

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We are not responsible for the possible changes in Russian consulate & authority fees. We reserve the right to modify the pricing in this regard.