Sommelo Courses 2023

On Sommelo's diverse courses and workshops you get to immerse yourself in the world of folk music with the guidance of professionals and experience the joys of singing and playing together! On the varied courses there's something for everyone, from children to adults and beginners to the experienced!

International Kantele Course

At the Sommelo International Kantele Course we will get to know various kantele playing styles and traditions. Since Kuhmo is the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2023, the course will focus on the Finno-Ugric kantele playing traditions. Teaching takes place in small groups formed according to the student’s backgrounds. Individual lessons are also available for an additional fee. Participants are welcome of all levels and with all types of kanteles. The teachers will be Hanna Ryynänen (Finland) and Eva Väljaots (Estonia).

All course fees include access to all Sommelo events! Signing up to Sommelo courses ends on June 5th.

Folk Dancing Course

The course, led by Tuomas, dances folk dance and the material rooted in it with a relaxed atmosphere. The focus is on folk-like pair dances, but there is also plenty to do with many other dance themes. The course also rehearses a presented set consisting of learned material. Enthusiasts from all skill levels are suitable, the most important thing in the course is to enjoy the joy of dancing and the atmosphere of doing it!

Runo-song Course

Welcome to runo-singing! In this course, we will learn the basics and different styles of runo singing together, through singing and crafting verses. We will explore various regional runo singing texts and melodies throughout the course. By practicing simple exercises, we will write our own runo singing verses to become familiar with the meter of runo singing. Additionally, we will learn how to independently seek more information about the world of runo-singing. This course is suitable for anyone interested in runo singing and folk music, and you do not need to have the ability to read sheet music. At the end of the course, we will perform runo singing together in a short concert on Friday evening as part of the club. Join us and welcome aboard!

Näppäri Course

In Sommelo’s Näppäricourse, led by Mauno Järvelä, everyone can play! The music played on the course consists of traditional folk music tunes and new, composed folk music. You can join both beginners and advanced players, and players of all ages are welcome!
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All course fees include access to all Sommelo events! Signing up to Sommelo courses ends on June 5th Enquiries or urgent cases 040 179 8600 Another courser from the same family -50%!