Percussion Course – Folk Idiophones


Welcome to a slightly different percussion course! In this course, we will play archaic, traditional folk music as well as  improvise, and cover the basics of rhythm, learn to accompany, play melodically, and make music solely with percussion instruments.

Idiophones are instruments whose sound is produced by the instrument’s own solid mass vibrating without separately definable vibrating parts such as strings, air columns, or membranes. Folk idiophones such as rattles, clappers, trees, stones, bells, and rattles are used in the course, as well as one’s own body.

Idiophones (e.g., foot stomping, clapping, wood, stones) have undoubtedly been among humanity’s first instruments alongside the human voice. Their sound is often simple and stark, natural and hypnotic. Despite this starting point, idiophones can produce just as diverse music as any other instrument.

Participation does not require previous experience with percussions, but the course is also suitable for those who have already played percussion instruments. A helpful knowledge of folk music is beneficial but not necessary.

The course instructor, Oskari Lehtonen, is a trained and experienced educator with years of experience in percussion instruction, ranging from beginners to professional students. Oskari is one of the busiest folk percussionists in the country, known from bands such as Okra Playground, Pauanne, Päre, Snekka, and Siba Folk Big Band.

Come join us to learn something new in a relaxed atmosphere and with a low threshold!

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