Runosong Course

At the Runosong Course, we will explore the poetic songs of Finland, Karelia, and Ingria through singing together and examining the regions’ poetry and melodies. As a taste, we’ll also experiment with cattle calls through improvisation. What did shepherds do during their long days in the wilderness with their herds? Of course, they sang and played! Throughout the course, we will create a small performance for the Sommelo student concert on this theme.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in singing and folk music, regardless of skill level. Anna-Kaisa Liedes, a singer, sound artist, Doctor of Music, and lecturer in Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy, originates from Haukipudas, Northern Ostrobothnia. As a member of Runosong Theater Iki-Turso and the MeNaiset vocal ensemble, she has been exploring the aesthetics of poetic song for years. In her artistic doctoral dissertation, she focused on the various possibilities of the human voice, contemplating the origin of sound, archaic sound production methods, and voice improvisation.



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